Media coverage : The project was represented by articles in the following newspapers and websites :

Trouw, De wereld verbeten met...
NRC, Wereldverbeteraars
BNO Dude Magazine
COOL HUNTING, Dubai Global Grad Show 2019 Highlights

Photography by Merlijn Doomernik

Mastectomy Caregiver is supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie

Enquiry : I am currently looking for partners in order to commercialize the project and make it more accessible (price and access wise). If you are interested, please contact me at

Mastectomy Caregiver is on show at Global Grad Show, as part of the Dubai Design Week 2019 from 12th till 16th November 2019

Mastectomy Caregiver is on show at Dutch Design Week, as part of the Graduation Show 2019 of Design Academy Eindhoven from 19th till 27th October 2019

Photography by Pauline Agustoni